Modamily Concierge was established to help aspiring parents start their family.

We find high-quality egg donors, surrogates, and known sperm donors, and guide our clients through the process of having the child they’ve always dreamed of.

The Process

Through relationships with over 100 egg donor and surrogacy agencies nationwide, MC helps our clients find and secure an egg donor and/or surrogate within weeks.

We simplify the search process, provide more choice, and act as an advocate for our clients throughout the donor process.

MDC also helps clients in search of a known sperm donor.

Modamily has its own growing database of over 2000 men willing to be known sperm donors around the world. All donors are fully vetted and subject to a comprehensive health check before making their donation. Clients may also request a DNA test to ensure they’re matched with donors that fit their desired criteria. Aside from travel and medical expenses, known donors receive no additional compensation, and their level of involvement is up to you, the legal parent.

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Expected Fees & Costs

Egg Donor Pricing

Egg Donor Expected Costs

$60k - 75k

Does not include surogate
  • MC Search Fee $1500 – $8000
  • Egg Donor Agency Fee $7500 – $10k
  • Egg Donor Compensation $5k – $15k*

    *potentially more for rare donors

  • Donor Expenses $7500
  • Legal Fees $1500
  • IVF & Embryo Creation $25-30k
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Surrogate Pricing

Surrogate Expected Costs

$80k - 200k

  • MC Search Fee $3250 – 6k
  • Surrogacy Agency Fee $15k – $30k
  • Surrogate Compensation $25k – $75k*
  • Surrogate Insurance $5k – $35k
  • Legal Fees $10k – 20k
  • IVF Clinic Fee $20k – $60k
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Known Sperm Donor Pricing

Known Sperm Donor Search

$4k - 8k

  • MC Search Fee $1995
  • Travel and Accomodations

    price varies

  • Medical Expenses

    price varies

  • Legal Fees $1500
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Frequently Asked Questions

Modamily Concierge was established to help aspiring parents start their family. We find high quality egg donors, surrogates, known sperm donors, and guide our clients throughout the whole process of having the baby they always dreamed of.
Check out the range of costs aspiring parents can expect to pay when using a donor or surrogate.
We will send you 20-30 high quality options within weeks.

Timelines can vary depending on how fast you are willing to pull the trigger. We can find you 20-30 high quality donors within a few weeks and how fast you proceed is up to you.

No, we will give you the best choices that are as close as possible to your stated criteria. We are paid for our time and expertise, not for client’s indecision.
Yes, we can discuss preferred pricing if you need help finding both a donor and a surrogate.
It depends on the agency, sometimes they will allow you to choose another egg donor, sometimes you have to pay part of the fee, and sometimes they may give you a refund.